July 12, 2021

Re: Foundation House at Northgate Closure

Since 1997, Foundation House at Northgate (“FHN”) has provided a safe, secure, and reliable community for its assisted living and independent living residents.  FHN, a non-profit company, faced significant financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic including increased costs associated with implementing COVID-related procedures, while the census, operating budget, and cash flow dramatically decreased. As a result, after 24 years, FHN will close its doors effective September 30, 2021 for assisted living facilities, and October 31, 2021 for independent living facilities.

The health and well-being of FHN’s residents are its first priority, and FHN will work with residents and their families to ensure a smooth and safe transition to their alternative living arrangements. FHN will continue to provide its residents with exceptional service and care through the closure dates.