On just about every level, knowledge is power, would you agree? Here at Foundation House at Northgate, we are passionate about making sure that each and every elder is armed with information so that they choose the right retirement community and/or assisted living that is right for them! And as you  may already realize, navigating the senior housing terrain can be a bit overwhelming and we aim to alleviate that by being open, honest, and transparent in all of our activities. Please give us a call to find out more and take a listen to this podcast below. Answers for Elders Radio is designed to flush out all the questions you have and provide you with information at your fingertips so you can choose the right retirement community. Enjoy the 12 minute listen and tune into 820AM or AM1590 Saturdays at 1pm or Sundays at 9pm for more topics and good conversation.  Honored to be chosen expert, this is the first of Foundation House at Northgate’s monthly on air podcasts.

Topics covered:

  • Different types of Care levels
  • Where we are located
  • What makes us unique
  • Payment options
  • Amenities